Mr. Julian Daniel has been a Commissioner on the Constitutionally sanctioned Montserrat Complaints Commission for the past six years, having been appointed in February 2013. As part of the three member Complaints Commission, Mr. Daniel has been privileged to collaboratively address several maladministration and human rights complaints in the Government of Montserrat. The associated seminars, investigations, recommendations, reporting and monitoring have augured well for constructive public sector development and human relations.

Mr. Daniel has also been privileged to attend two prior CAROA conferences; St. Maarten in 2013 and Curacao in 2015. It is during the 2015 conference that Mr. Daniel decided to pursue the multidisciplinary Masters of Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) at the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna, Austria. As part of the MACS 2016 cohort of global, student professionals, Mr. Daniel was able to successfully complete all the MACS course work and assignments.

Mr. Daniel is also an alumnus of The University of the West Indies having completed undergraduate studies at Cave Hill and St. Augustine campuses in Barbados and Trinidad, respectively.

Mr. Daniel has had the unenviable, yet invaluable experience of firsthand life through four of the worst hurricane events of their time, in three different Caribbean territories that suffered severe devastation by each of the events. These hurricane events were, Hurricane Hugo in Montserrat in 1989, Hurricane Luis in Antigua in 1995, Hurricane Lenny in Anguilla in 1999 and Hurricane Irma in Anguilla in 2017. From the 1995 onset of volcanic eruptions in Montserrat, Mr. Daniel also lived through various episodes of cataclysmic, volcanic activity and has been involved in various aspects of the island’s recovery and rebuilding.

As a consultant, Mr. Daniel was directly contracted by The Caribbean Development Bank to locally manage the Hurricane Lenny Rehabilitation Project for Anguilla in 2000. From 2017 Mr. Daniel was also the United Kingdom, Foreign and Commonwealth Office supported Infrastructure Advisor for Anguilla which spanned the period when Hurricane Irma struck the island and he was intimately instrumental in the recovery and rebuilding actions.

Julian Daniel has been fully engaged in extensive infrastructure development consultancy work for over twenty five (25) years. He has vast experience in working with governments, international contractors, engineering firms and funding agencies. Julian Daniel has been instrumental in the implementation and execution phases of major infrastructure projects throughout the Caribbean that significantly impact on the socio-economic fabric of the respective islands. Recipient territories include Anguilla, Montserrat, Tortola B.V.I., St. Croix U.S.V.I., St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and St. Maarten. Projects include airports, seaports, cruise facilities and roadway construction and rehabilitation, to name a few.

Mr. Daniel is the Managing Director and owner Emerald Homes Development Inc. and Emerald Group of Companies Inc. the parent group of Emerald Consultants who has collaborated on the successful completion of many projects. He was also acting CEO and Executive Chairman of the Montserrat Development Corporation.

The afore-mentioned are underpinned by Mr. Daniel’s active Christian Pastoral qualifications, experience and work in Montserrat, Anguilla and regionally and his involvement in community services and development.